3 Essential Steps To Enjoying a Healthy Mouth That You Never Considered

There are many benefits to healthy teeth that if we were to compile a master list of benefits it would stretch out for miles. Our teeth and mouth are involved in many important things that we do every day like eating, breathing, and talking. To live a happy and productive life it is absolutely essential to have a healthy mouth.

A Healthy Mouth is a Precursor to Enjoying a Happy Life

When we consider our smile alone we quickly realize that a healthy mouth is a precursor to enjoying intimate relationships, achieving emotional wellness and gaining higher levels of financial success. There are literally hundreds of very important "life achievements" that require us to have a healthy mouth. These important life achievements are our life-long dreams such as our first kiss, marriage, and making a great impression in a career opportunity. 

"A healthy mouth is critical in order to experience the best version of ourselves. Simply stated, our teeth and mouth are vitally important to our overall health and wellness, both physically and mentally."

What's more, people with a healthy mouth avoid the problems associated with poor oral care, such as gum disease, canker sores, toothaches, and more. For those who have experienced the pain and discomfort of an abscessed tooth or canker sore, know that the pain can be unbearable. A toothache alone can keep a person paralyzed until the problem can be corrected.

In recent news, research suggests that gum disease can also lead to other serious health problems, including an increased risk of heart disease. At first glance, it is hard to image that gum disease can lead to heart problems, but it’s true.

To enjoy life to the fullest, and avoid the discomfort associated with an unhealthy mouth, we recommend you follow these 3 essential steps:

  1. Eliminate foods that cause cavities and tooth decay

    Foods that are starchy or high in sugar are one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Any food that breaks down in your mouth becoming a sugar, leads to cavities and tooth decay. The following are the worst culprits! Anything starchy or refined such as chips, white bread, pasta or crackers. These foods are as harmful to your teeth as candy. These starchy foods, especially those made from white flour, are simple carbohydrates. That means if they linger in your mouth they will break down into simple sugars. Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar, and the by-product they produce is acid. This is the acid that in turn causes tooth decay.

  2. Avoid putting harsh chemicals like fluoride into your mouth

    Although fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, it is a dangerous chemical that actually “nukes your mouth,” killing the good bacteria in your mouth that can lead to many health problems. Fluoride in high doses can kill you, and this is why the FDA requires a poison warning on every tube of fluoride toothpaste now sold in the US. The risks of using fluoride toothpaste include permanent tooth discoloration (dental fluorosis), stomach ailments, mouth sores, acute toxicity, skin rashes (perioral dermatitis), impairment in glucose metabolism, and more.

  3. Brush with a toothpaste that is made with all natural, healthy ingredients

    Natural toothpaste is not only safe enough to eat and environmentally friendly, it can provide more benefits than the leading fluoride-based toothpastes, such as whiter teeth, stronger enamel, better protection against inflammation, and long-lasting fresher breath.

5 Steps to Healthy Teeth

Good oral hygiene will not only help you to have a great smile, it can also assist in preventing bad breath, toothaches, and decay, as well as the formation of plaque. Thus, you should try to maintain good oral health in order to avoid tooth infections and diseases related to the gums by following the 5 steps mentioned below.

The 5 Steps

  1. Brush Properly and Regularly
  2. Floss Before You Brush
  3. Regular Dental Check-ups
  4. Maintain a Well Balanced Diet
  5. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

For more on achieving healthy teen, we recommend you read the 5 Steps Essential Steps to Healthy Teeth published by Greennews.ng. 

Craig Rogers
Craig Rogers
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