Integrative Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry

Integrative Dentistry represents the idea that everyone can have a healthy smile and a better life without the use of harmful chemicals. More importantly, with Integrative Dentistry there is an importance placed upon improving the general health and wellness of the patient that goes beyond the mouth, teeth, and gums.

The Main Difference Between Integrative and Traditional Dentistry

Basically, integrative dentistry means to provide patients with the safest, most effective and 100% all-natural treatments in dental care. Integrative dentistry - also known as 'holistic dentistry' - is further defined by its additional focus on the "mouth-body connection." Where more traditional dentists simply focus on the oral cavity, an integrative, or holistic dentist, works on improving the health of the oral microbiome, which is responsible for regulating much of the body's most important functions. 

Integrative Dentists DO NOT Use Harmful Fillings | Traditional Dentists Do! 

Integrative dentists do not use mercury for fillings because mercury is a toxin, poison, and is known to cause cancer. The holistic dentist holds the belief that even a tiny bit of mercury (which is a neurotoxin) is too risky to our overall health.

Integrative Dentists DO NOT Use Harmful Chemicals | Traditional Dentists Do!  

Moreover, Integrative and Holistic dentists do not use the chemicals used during root canal procedures. In fact, any self-respecting, holistic dentist practicing integrative dentistry would strongly recommend against doing a root canal unless absolutely necessary.

Why do holistic dentists strongly recommend against getting a root canal? Well, According to human biology, it's toxic! 

Most would be shocked to learn that traditional dentists use highly toxic chemicals to clean the affected area of the tooth when performing a root canal. The chemicals they use for sterilization process are toxic and are known to cause cancer, among other things.

The Integrative dentist does not like taking the risk of using harmful chemicals. To them, the end does not justify the means. First, Holistic dentists do not find that these chemicals do an effective job. Even with the harsh cleaning chemicals used in traditional dentistry, bacteria can still remain in the tooth's canal, leading to bigger problems down the road. Plus, the risk of using these chemicals are too high - these chemicals are known to cause cancer.

Additionally, Integrative dentists are not in favor of using fluoride. They are not in support of any form of topical or ingested fluoride. Fluoride, is a harsh chemical, a toxin, and it is known to cause all kinds of health problems. Again, to the holistic dentist, the risk of using fluoride outweighs the benefits.

“…Integrative dentists hold the belief that what goes into your mouth will affect your entire body…”