Achieving Optimal Oral Health | Why The Natural Way is The Only Way

Here at Revitin, our mission is to educate everyone (and we mean everyone, not just prospective customers) by creating an in-depth discussion concerning the benefits that our oral health has on our overall state of well-being. 

Our hope in writing this article is to inform readers of new advancements in oral care.  You can rest assured that every word you read is straight from the mouth of oral care professionals who are genuinely committed to improving our life experience (so read carefully). 

The Connection Between Oral Health and Total Health

When exploring the topic of "oral health care, " it's helpful to first, grasp the significant connection between our "oral health" and our total health in general. Dental experts make the claim that our mouth is the doorway to our body, and therefore coherent to the wellbeing of our total body. When we grasp this connection, the priority we place on oral health care should increase, which is a good thing. 

If you believe there is a significant linkage between a healthy mouth and a healthy body, then opposite is also true; an unhealthy mouth is a kinship to an unhealthy body. The point is that our "oral health" is extraordinarily important, and therefore our mouth requires a high level of personal attention and care. 

The Mouth: AKA The Gateway to Optimal Health

Structurally and architecturally speaking, our oral cavity is the "foyer" of our body. Meaning, our mouth is the body's main entrance and leads to all other bodily structures and systems. Moreover, our oral cavity is the place where forays are launched against our body. A foray is a sudden attack by an outside intruder or enemy. In this case, the enemy attacks our health by first weakening our oral health.

"...Good oral health starts with the proper care of our mouth. Good oral care includes our whole being, including our lifestyle choices, the foods we eat, as well as the measures we take to keep our teeth clean and free of disease..."

Considering the structural position of our mouth in relationship to our body, it's no wonder holistic dental professionals consider our mouth to be strategic in the protection of our general health and wellness. Therefore, an argument can be made that a healthy mouth is our first line of defense in preventing a disease from attacking our body. 

The Dangers of Using Popular-brand Toothpastes | Why Going Natural is The Only (safe) Way to Clean Your Mouth

Unfortunately, most of America is unknowingly hindering their oral health - and subsequently, harming their overall wellness- by using toothpaste and mouthwashes that eliminate both "good" and "bad" bacteria. While the most widely used toothpaste products do deliver on their promise of eliminating harmful bacteria, their products' anti-bacterial ingredients do more harm than good.

Killer Ingredients

In addition to killing disease preventing bacteria, commercial brand toothpaste products contain ingredients that have been scientifically proven to cause severe illness, including cancer.  

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