Revitin's Mission to End Chemicals in Toothpaste

The all "natural" or "organic" product movement has gained tremendous momentum over the last decades, especially over the last ten years. Consequently, today there is a new natural or organic consumer that is driving the natural toothpaste market demands. This new type of natural consumer is educated, engaged, involved, empowered with facts, and excited about the direction of the natural and organic product movement.

The Mission to End the Daily Dose of Chemicals

One would think that the thought of putting harmful chemicals in our mouth (via toothpaste) would open the minds of consumers to seeking safer alternatives. However, unless one is aware of the danger and damage of these chemicals, there is no good reason to find alternatives. Therefore, educating the public (especially consumers buying toothpaste for their family) is the predominate focus behind the natural movement. The movement's success will depend upon education.

"...We would hope that once people learn of the harmful aftermath of using chemicals in their toothpaste, they would choose safer alternative brands such as Revitin® prebiotic toothpaste. The natural movement is all about educating the public and offering safe alternatives..."

Despite pressures from dental industry advocates, ninety-nine percent of European countries have rejected, banned, or stopped fluoridation due to environmental, health, legal or ethical concerns.  Here is a sampling of the countries that have banned or eliminated fluoridation of water and consumer products; China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Hungary, and Japan.

Intelligent people who have joined the natural movement have simply "come to their senses" by accepting the truth. The truth is that the data, facts, and science have declared fluoride and other chemicals to be "harmful" to humans.

Through their efforts to "educate" the public, the natural movement folks know that they have facts are on their side. They realized there are no valid studies that have determined the long-term effects of fluoride on the human organ systems. So, they are taking the facts to the folks, hoping to win more and more natural product converts.

Joe Public is waking up to the reality that fluoride and other chemicals have shown very little proof that they work (reducing tooth decay). At the same time, the facts are mounting that point to the reality that these chemicals cause cancer and human systemic diseases.