Sneak Peek: America's Dentists Speak Out About Flossing

Sneak Peek: America’s Dentists Speak Out About Flossing

Coming up today on the Dr. OZ Show (Monday, April 10th, 2017), Dr. Curatola leads a group of 'top of dentists' and dental experts to settle the age-old oral care concern, "To floss or not to floss?

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Dentists in attendance for the Flossing discussion are; Dr. Gerald Curatola, Dr. Mina Kim, Dr. Scott Froum, and Dr. Hemali Ajmera explain why you should think twice before tossing your floss.

OTHER GUESTS IN THIS EPISODE: Dr. Michael Roizen, Chris Powell, Dr. Gerald Curatola, Dr. Mina Kim, Dr. Hemali Ajmera  Dr. Scott Froum, Dr. Julie Cho, Tia Brown, Jeffery White, Maria Botham, and Keenan Robinson.

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