The Natural Toothpaste Movement is Gaining Momentum

In the last 20 years, the 'natural product market's' popularity has spread like wildfire. What's more - with millions of Americans switch to all-natural hygienic and organic products-  the nation has also seen an increasing amount of its people trading in their traditional toothpaste for a safer, more efficient, all-natural  alternative. 

Consequently,  the all-natural toothpaste market has been breaking growth records year-after-year for decades. It's a phenomenon, for which there is no foreseeable end in sight.

Natural Toothpaste Movement on the Rise

As to why the natural movement has gained such popularity, America's increasing interest in bettering their well-being is mostly to blame. As more and more people learn about the dangers of the chemicals found in most of their hygienic products, millions of Americans have (smartly) decided to go all-natural (especially when it comes to their oral care). 

What Ya Don't Know WILL Hurt Ya

Unfortunately, most Americans remain completely oblivious to the fact that much of their favorite brands of hygiene products contain harmful chemicals - some of which can even be cancerous. 

Major toothpaste brands are no exception

Unbeknownst to their consumers, most, if not all, of the major toothpaste brands include harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, and glycerine in their toothpaste. Believe it or not, each of these harmful chemicals, if ingested, can cause significant, bodily damage, and in extreme cases, even death. 

Luckily for consumers, there are those - like Revitin - who have dedicated themselves to educating the public about the dangers of harmful chemicals found in cleaning products.

The Good News for America's Dental Health

The good news is that more and more countries worldwide are working hard to establish government-regulated certifications for producers and manufacturers of natural and organic products. There is a worldwide push for quality assurance, quality control, and quality transparency.

Asserting their voice, activists behind the natural and organic products movement have had a positive influence on the industry, especially when it involves high-profile decisions that would negatively impact the natural and organic movement. These natural product activists are dedicated to protecting the movement, making sure that the movement continues to grow and flourish.

"...The natural product movement is a cool movement to be a part of. It's very attractive, partly because of the movements foundational values and principles. Who wouldn't want to get involved and be a part of something so special?" 

In this worldwide natural organic movement, you'll find real smart people who are devoted to their cause. They have gained deep respect by all parties because they've used their voice wisely. The people behind the natural product movement have built strong coalitions, effective collaborative groups, and they've brought together a list of powerful allies. The natural and organic activist have a purpose, a plan, and a vision - they are making progress. 

"...The radical vertical growth trajectory of the natural and organic product world is fascinating and unparalleled. The social consequences of this movement are paying huge dividends as the entire world seems to be changing because of it.."