What is Integrative Dentistry?

Integrative Dentistry means to provide people with a healthy smile without the use of harmful chemicals. Most importantly, however, integrative dentistry means to make the general wellness of the patient the main priority; a general wellness that goes beyond the health of gums and teeth

Essentially, the integrative dental care approach considers the entire patient, especially regarding the connection between the mouth and body. Lastly, Integrative Dentistry is defined as an alternative approach to oral care, one without the use of toxins, poisons, and harsh chemicals.

Integrative or Holistic Dentistry - A New Bold Approach to Oral Health Care

Integrative dentists offer a bold new approach to dentistry. Integrative dentists combine oral health care with general health and well-being of the entire body, soul, and spirit.

“… A health smile can help one to lead to a happy life. The same is true with an unhealthy smile. An unhealthy mouth, teeth, and gums will cause dysfunction and a cascade of preventable diseases that can paralyze one’s life…”

Integrative Dentistry encompasses a comprehensive biological and holistic approach to oral health care, where only bio-friendly materials are used in the care of patients.

It seems like traditional dentistry has always been considered as a separate discipline from general medicine or general health care. Until recently, good dental care has not been connected with our overall health and wellness (wellness of our whole body). Therefore might be causing more harm than good. The good news is that our understanding of dentistry is changing, mainly because of Integrative Dentistry and their promotion of the “mouth-body connection.”

There are many names and terms that describe Integrative Dentistry, including Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Biological Dentistry, Alternative Dentistry, Unconventional Dentistry, and Biocompatible Dentistry.

The main differences between “traditional” and “Integrative” dentistry can be found in their different philosophical approaches to oral care. 

The Integrative dentist does not find a difference between “oral health care” and the “general health and well-being of the entire body.” To the Integrative dentist, oral health care, and general health care is one in the same and tied together. To the Integrative dentist, there is a direct connection between good oral health and good general wellness of the person.