What is The Oral Microbiome and Why is It Important For Our Health

Contrary to what the toothpaste and mouthwash commercials tell you, it is not in your best interest to kill all of the germs in your mouth. In fact, some of the germs living in your oral cavity are essential for healthy living.

To fully grasp the importance of the oral microbiome, one first needs to understand the importance of our intestinal microbiome. The intestinal microbiome regulates much of our health and well-being including our mental health, weight, and even our resistance to dementia.

So What Does the Microbiome Found in Our Gut Have to do With Our Oral Microbiome?

Our intestinal microbiome's ability to regulate our health greatly depends on how we treat the opening of our intestinal tract, otherwise known as our oral-microbiome. In other words, what we eat and use to clean our mouths with, can either promote a healthy ecosystem for these crucial, "health-promoting germs" to flourish, or irradicate them altogether.

Unfortunately, most people are ignorant when it comes to the life-saving germs that inhabit their mouths and intestinal tracts. Instead of nurturing the body's microbiomes, most of us still use harmful antibacterial mouthwashes and toothpaste that wipe out all bacterias of the mouth, including the crucial microbial diversity that makes up our health-regulating microbiomes.

Why Do We Commonly Abuse and Neglect Our Oral Microbiome?

Widespread neglect and abuse of the body's microbiomes can essentially be blamed on our dentists. Dentists are not trained to treat and nurture the oral microbiome. Instead, they strictly focus on the health and superficial condition of their client's teeth whom they encourage to use anti-bacterial teeth whitening products. However, what most dentists are unaware of is that the oral-hygiene products they recommend to their patients could potentially disrupt the capabilities of their client's microbiomes; which, in turn, could result in severe, negative ramifications for their patient's overall state of health.

To achieve an optimal state of oral and physical health, one must focus on balancing the mouth's diverse microbial ecology, rather than the killing all of their mouth's bacteria, altogether.

Nourish Your Body's Oral Microbiome

The mouth acts as our body's door to good health. What we put in our mouths will consequently affect the rest of our body's ability to regulate its healthy functions. With that in mind, it is critical only to use all-natural toothpaste and other oral hygienic products when cleaning the mouth.

Want a Healthy Microbiome? Avoid the Following Items:

⦁ Anti-bacterial toothpaste and mouthwashes
⦁ Breathing through their mouth
⦁ Sugary, salty foods
⦁ Over the counter teeth whitening
⦁ Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
⦁ Flouride

Cristopher Rogers
Cristopher Rogers
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