Good Oral Health Care is More Than Sparkling White Teeth

Many people connect good oral health care with brushing our teeth and flossing. What's clear is the well-entrenched notion that people from the U.S. think of good oral health as being defined by dazzlingly white teeth and fresh breath. However, for all intents and purposes, good oral health care goes far beyond white teeth and fresh breath.

Do You Desire Healthy White Teeth and Healthy Gums?

Good oral health care includes the maintenance and preventative care of our entire mouth, including our gums, oral mucosa, jaw bones, tongue, salivary glands, uvula, and the frenulum. All of these oral structures play a vital part of in the status of our overall health. In fact,
proper oral health care starts with the understanding that our mouth is directly connected to the status of our body's total health and wellness.

Oral health care involves certain hygienic practices and procedures that enhance that likelihood that we will enjoy the health benefits associated with a wholesome mouth.

"...Good oral health care enhances the likelihood that we avoid the detrimental effects of tooth decay and other diseases of the mouth..."

Therefore, your oral health care should be taken seriously. It is important that we expand our understanding of oral health and go beyond the limited notion of "clean white teeth and fresh breath."

Good Oral Health is the Gift That Keeps Giving

We can’t underestimate the benefits of good oral health. First and foremost, you should know that proper oral hygiene practices protect our teeth and gums, which means we increase the chances of keeping our natural teeth healthy well into our old age.

"... By taking good care of our mouth, teeth, and gums, we reduce the risk associated with oral disease and infection. Moreover, when we invest in the idea of a healthy mouth, we save ourselves lots of physical pain and costly dental bills..."

If we look deep into the value of good oral health we can find many compelling reasons to practice good oral hygiene. The benefits described in this paragraph alone should be more than enough to inspire us to commit hygienic practices that enhance our oral health.

The Basics of Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums

How do well ensure that we have healthy teeth and gums? Try following the proven dental hygiene practices for starters! By following good oral care practices recommended by your dentist seems to be is a no-brainer to me! Good dental hygiene is not rocket science.

Furthermore, by following the hygienic recommendations of your dentist you will be practicing "prevention." In other words, you will be avoiding oral disease (tooth decay, cavities, Gingivitis, and periodontal disease) altogether. The bonus is that you will also avoid invasive dental procedures with the treatment of such diseases.

"... If you brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly, there is a higher likelihood that you will have a healthy mouth. Specifically, by brushing and flossing regularly you can prevent the build up of plaque and development of tartar..."

By brushing your teeth twice per day while flossing in between meals, will wipe out most of your main oral and dental problems. And, it only requires you to brush and floss your teeth properly - what a deal!

Moreover, we recommend that you commit to a regularly scheduled checkup and cleaning with your dentist or dental hygienist. Why not get your teeth cleaned at least 4 to 6 times per year?  And while you are at it, quit smoking and eliminate all those sugar-rich snacks!

DIY Oral Hygiene

What are the best "DIY" oral hygiene techniques? They should be second nature to most people. Our Dentist and Dental Hygienist have been preaching these techniques to us forever. Furthermore, if you recently had a cavity drilled and filled, the chances are that you were instructed on the proper DIY oral hygiene techniques.

DIY oral hygiene is the most influential behavior leading to good oral health. Since good oral health is thought to be essential to our overall sense of well-being, it's something we should take seriously. A healthy mouth gives us the best chance to succeed in all aspects of our life, and an unhealthy mouth can stop us dead in your tracks.

"...Think about it… a healthy mouth makes us look good, and an unhealthy mouth can make us look bad. When we look and feel good, the chances are that we be more successful in all of the life's endeavors..."

The practice of daily DIY oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing, reduces the occurrence of complications associated with our mouth, teeth, and gums. This means we will experience fewer cavities, reduced tooth decay, lower rates of gum disease, and NO MORE BAD BREATH. Good oral hygiene means we experience less pain, and we get to keep more of your hard-earned money (trips to the dentist can be costly), and we’ll enjoy a greater level of overall wellness and health.

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