The all natural ingredient movement has gained tremendous momentum over the last several decades, especially over the last few years. The other term used for “natural” is “organic,” both terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

When a consumer is referring “natural,” he/she could also mean “organic.” The important thing is to know that “natural” or “organic” means, “foods, goods, and products manufactured without harmful chemical additives. Or, foods, goods, and products made with natural ingredients only.

We believe that “educated” consumers are behind the all natural movement. Their demands as consumers are clear, “we want want safe organic ingredients!” Consumers have had a profound effect on food producers and consumer goods manufacturers. Even retailers and fast food restaurants have joined the movement.

The consumer has demanded the change, and the producers of products have heard their demand. The market momentum has changed from “effectiveness” to “safety and general well-begin.” The consumer once said, “I don’t care about the artificial ingredients as long as the product works.” But now the consumer has a totally different message. They are demanding change and their message is, “I only want natural ingredients with NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES OR HARMFUL CHEMICALS.”

“…The movement to natural and organic is like a tidal wave, and this wave has only begun to grow…”

There is no better example of the all natural ingredient movement than the one you’ll find in toothpaste. The new formulations in toothpaste is all about “natural” ingredients. Consumers don’t care that the all natural product looks and feels different, to them its all about removing toxic chemicals from the products they use everyday, such as toothpaste. Consumers are more health conscious now because they are educated.

Going all natural might cost the consumer more money, but the tradeoff with better health is worth the cost to many people, and not just young people or millennials. Baby boomers and middle-aged consumers are a part of the organic or natural movement.

“… The term “natural” is best defined as food or products without the assistance of man-made chemicals…”

If you really think about the amount of chemicals we put into or on our bodies everyday it should scare you. With all the information available about artificial ingredients and harmful chemical additives, consumers have not other choice but to conclude that we are literally killing ourselves, and for what? A little convenience? Longer shelf lives?

Our bodies over time have become saturated with harmful and harsh chemicals. Cancer rates have soared, and we are causing harm unnecessarily. From the shampoo and soap we use to clean our hair and body each morning, to the toothpaste we use to clean our teeth, we might be harming our health.

Why the Natural Movement is Gaining Traction

One would think that the thought of putting harmful chemicals in our mouth (via toothpaste) would change our behavior. However, unless one is aware of the danger and damage of chemicals, there is no reason to change. We would hope that once people learn of the harmful affects, they would choose safer alternative options. The natural movement is all about educating the public and offering safe alternatives.

The story is the same no matter where you go. We’ve grown up trusting dentists and toothpaste manufacturers. We believed they knew best, and they had our best interest in mind. They told us that we need fluoride. But, because of the all natural movement, many people have woken up to the reality that chemicals in our toothpaste, mouthwash, and even dental floss are loaded with chemcial additives.

And, because of the all natural ingredient movement we are at least now debating the merit, risk, and potential danger in the use of additives such as fluoride and Triclosan. The debate is not over, but the momentum has swung in the favor of people, and the manufacturers hearing the demands of the people loud and clear.

The good news is that there is an ever growing number of educated folks who have decided to remove all chemicals from their intake. They are moving toward the use of natural products for all of their needs, including their dental hygiene need. Folks are moving away from the commercial brands, and choosing to use natural products that are fluoride and Triclosan free.

Consumers are still looking for toothpaste to whiten their teeth, freshen their breath, and prevent cavities, but without fluoride. More and more people have come to realize that scientific research has proven fluoride and other additives do very little to help prevent tooth decay. Folks are more aware that these chemical poisons cause more harm than good.

Moreover, studies on Triclosan have demonstrated that this horrible chemical screws up the human hormones, and might be the leading suspect in the rise of super bacteria. When consumers learn about the harmful ingredients they are not happy. The good news is that consumers are finding more and more safe alternative products, and these products actually get the job done without the chemicals.

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