Will Tooth Decay Rates Soar if We Eliminate Fluoride from our Water and Toothpaste?

Being lifelong oral health advocates, we used to say, “we hope all people will use some type of toothpaste.” But, in all good conscious we can no longer support this statement. 

Fluoride is a Hazardous Harsh Chemical that Prevents Tooth Decay

Fluoride is a hazardous chemical used in toothpaste as a supposed benefit to the human tooth. But what exactly does fluoride in toothpaste actually do?

Fluoride and Its Supposed Benefits

Plaque is a thin film of bacteria that forms on our teeth and gums. If left untreated plaque can build up and harden at the base of the tooth. This allows bacteria living within the plague to attack the tooth’s enamel, leading to tooth decay and eventual gum diseases. 

The theory is that fluoride, which is found in today’s most popular commercial toothpaste brands and nearly 70% of America's water supply, is an invaluable chemical compound that helps fight tooth-decaying, plaque buildup. However, according to extensive research done within the last decade, fluoride may not be the godsend, tooth-protecting savior we once thought it was... or even safe for that matter.

That being said, with increasing amounts of evidence, based on decades worth of research, science now raises a critical question for the American public to answer: "do the benefits of fluoride outweigh the potential dangers?"

The Public's Grave Concern About Fluoride is Real

The public’s grave concern about the use of fluoride has been gaining ground every day. Even though fluoride has been added to our water supply and oral care products starting in the 1940s, many water districts throughout the country are now refusing to add fluoride to community’s water. And, fluoride-free toothpaste manufacturers are popping up everywhere. The public’s great concern of fluoride is real, Most people use toothpaste, which contains so much fluoride that tubes such as this one contain a remarkable warning on the back. (Photo David Tulis)and people are looking for viable options.

Commercial brand toothpaste manufacturers will have you believe that fluoride is not only safe, but it is absolutely essential for good oral health. They conveniently claim there is no scientifically valid evidence to show that fluoride causes cancer, kidney disease, or any other health disorders.

Similar to the days of when Big Tobacco companies tried to convince the public that smoking did not cause lung cancer, today toothpaste manufacturers are the last to admit to the harmful effects of fluoride in toothpaste.

Dentists Support the Use of Fluoride, But Why?

The major commercial toothpaste manufacturers are not the only one’s to dispute the ill-effects of fluoride. Many dentists fight tooth-n-nail to keep fluoride in drinking water. Dentists in dental school are not taught about water fluoridation through science. In dental school, there are no debates, discussions, or arguments about the use of fluoride.

When a water district is considering removing fluoride from the public drinking water there is usually an outcry from the dental community. Dentists have been brainwashed in dental school via the big brand toothpaste companies. Consequently, dentists are known to oppose anyone or any group that attempts to remove fluoride from the public’s drinking water.

The good news is the water districts who successfully ended their community's use of water fluoridation have proved that, by doing so, we can make a change; Additionally, by eliminating a highly toxic chemical from their community's water supply, the water districts who oppose fluoridation are in effect, saving lives.

"... When it comes to toothpaste people can choose different types of toothpaste (i.e., Fluoride-free toothpaste), but they don’t have the same choice when it comes to their water. We believe that for the health of people all fluoride additives should be eliminated..."

Until the public is better informed and educated on the harmful effects of fluoride-laced water and toothpaste, a great number of dentists and other pro-fluoride advocates will continue to scare the public. They will undoubtedly continue to claim that tooth decay rates will double if fluoridation ends - but should listen to their false fears?

The fact of the matter is that the World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that tooth decay rates have gone down equally in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities. (for more information please see You can find that WHO documentation at www.FluorideAlert.org.)

Get Educated: The Truth About Fluoridation and Fluoride-rich Toothpastes

Fluoride is a chemical comparable to lead and arsenic. Both the ADA and the USPHS have admitted to many adverse health effects influenced by the use of fluoride. We believe that ending the use of fluoride in water supplies and toothpaste will not cause tooth decay rates to soar. We don’t believe that water or toothpaste fluoridation has ever reduced or prevented tooth decay in the first place.

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