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In this article, we explore the meaning, purpose, and function of good oral health care as it pertains to our overall health. We provide facts, research and good news related to "oral health" as understood by the professionals behind the movement of Integrative and Holistic Dentistry.

Our hope is that an in-depth discussion will shine a bright light and reveal the benefits of the connection between our oral health and our general health. We will be exploring a few advancements in oral health care from professionals who are genuinely committed to improving our life experience. 

"...As we dive into the basics of the "Mouth-Body Connection," we also weave in some helpful DIY tips regarding oral health care, including a few recommendations for buying the best oral hygienic products..."

Specifically, in this article, we will share basic information about the prevention and treatment of tooth decay, cavities, Gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Additionally, we will be providing a few "do-it-yourself" oral health care tips. Last but not least, we will share recommendations on oral hygiene products designed to improve the health and well-being of your mouth, teeth, and gums.  

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When exploring the topic of "oral health care, " it's helpful to first, grasp the significant connection between our "oral health" and our total health in general. Dental experts make the claim that our mouth is the doorway to our body, and therefore coherent to the wellbeing of our total body. When we grasp this connection, the priority we place on oral health care should increase, which is a good thing. 

If you believe there is a significant linkage between a healthy mouth and a healthy body, then opposite is also true; an unhealthy mouth is a kinship to an unhealthy body. The point is that our "oral health" is extraordinarily important, and therefore our mouth requires a high level of personal attention and care. 

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Good Health & Wellness is Intertwined With Good Oral Health

Structurally and architecturally speaking, our oral cavity is the "foyer" of our body. Meaning, our mouth is the body's main entrance and leads to all other bodily structures and systems. Moreover, our oral cavity is the place where forays are launched against our body. A foray is a sudden attack by an outside intruder or enemy. In this case, the enemy attacks our health by first weakening our oral health.

Considering the structural position of our mouth in relationship to our body, it's no wonder holistic dental professionals consider our mouth to be strategic in the protection of our general health and wellness. Therefore, an argument can be made that a healthy mouth is our first line of defense in preventing a disease from attacking our body. 

Integrative and Holistic Dentistry and Oral Health Care

If a healthy mouth is our body's best natural protectant to disease, then oral health care should become more important to everyone, including medical and dental professionals. In the Integrative and Holistic Dentistry movement, proper oral health care is essential in their crusade to promoting our overall human wellness. 

Dentists behind this movement are committed to building awareness of the importance and benefits of good oral health. The good news is that their efforts to educate the masses is gaining momentum, and their hard work is beginning to pay off.

The holistic-minded dentists are concerned about the health of our mouth as well as our body. They also care about our wallets and pocket books. Theses unique dentists are concerned about the cost of oral health care, and they are committed to making it more affordable. The best way to lower the cost of dental care is to prevent disease in the first place. Their vision is to show everyone the affordable path to good health and wellness.

A Fresh Approach to Oral Health Care   

In the arena of Integrative and Holistic Dentistry, proper oral health care includes the daily practice of specific measures that include our diet, our lifestyle, and the purposeful care our entire mouth. These practices are protective and preventative measures known to not only improve the health of our teeth and mouth but also improve our body's overall wellness.

"... Good oral health care is anything that helps to achieve and maintain a wholesome mouth free from disease AND well-being in general..."

To the dentist dedicated to the practice and principles of Integrative and Holistic Dentistry, good oral health is thought to one of the most important factors that dictate the status of our overall health and well-being. 

These specially trained dental professionals hold the belief that our oral and general heath are tied together and the status of our oral health influences the status of our general health. Essentially, our oral health and overall general health do not function independently of one another other.

Furthermore, Integrative and Holistic Dentists hold to the principle that they are responsible for their patient's total health and well-being. This means they have dedicated themselves to teach their clients everything about good oral health with the intention to promote their health in holistically. The Integrative and Holistic Dentists treat the whole body.  

"...Good oral health starts with the proper care of our mouth. Good oral care includes our whole being, including our lifestyle choices, the foods we eat, as well as the measures we take to keep our teeth clean and free of disease..."

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The Mouth Body Connection Explained
Understanding That Our Mouth is The Gateway to Our Body One thing is clear, as it pertains to our overall health and wellness, our body and mouth ..

What is Integrative Dentistry?

There are many names and terms that describe Integrative Dentistry, including Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Biological Dentistry, Alternative Dentistry, Unconventional Dentistry, and Biocompatible Dentistry.

The main differences between “traditional” and “Integrative” dentistry can be found in their different philosophical approaches to oral care. 

The Integrative dentist does not find a difference between “oral health care” and the “general health and well-being of the entire body.” To the Integrative dentist, oral health care, and general health care is one in the same and tied together. To the Integrative dentist, there is a direct connection between good oral health and good general wellness of the person.

“…Another term for “Integrative Dentistry is “Holistic Dentistry…”

When considering the value of Integrative Dentistry be careful not to associate the term “holistic” with certain types of dentistry “practices and techniques.” Instead, “holistic” dentistry should be understood as an overall philosophy difference, where the holistic dentist believes the role of oral health care has a huge influence on the general care of the entire body. Thus, the Integrative dentist see’s his/her world through a “mouth-body connection.”

What’s more, Integrative dentists are committed to educating their patients on the importance of overall health, and how good oral health can play a vital role in one’s overall health status.

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The Mouth-Body Connection and Lack of Holistic Training

Recent studies have proved a strong association between gum disease and heart disease. There is also a connection between gum disease and diabetes. What’s worse, there is a connection between bad oral health care and troubled pregnancies.

Unfortunately, most dentists do not receive adequate training in the care of the whole body. During dentist school, the focus is placed on the care of the mouth, teeth, and gums, but they fail to teach the connection between oral health and the patient’s overall health and welfare.

The good news is that many forward thinking dentists have helped to advance the field of integrative or holistic dentistry. These brave and courageous professionals have expanded the awareness of the mouth-body connection. Because of Integrative Dentistry, today there is a much better understanding of the connection between good oral health and the overall health of our body.

“… Integrative and holistic dentists perform their profession to care for the patient’s the teeth and gums as a means to achieve overall health and wellness…”

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The Main Difference Between Integrative and Traditional Dentistry

Integrative dentists do not use mercury for fillings because mercury is a toxin, poison, and is known to cause cancer. The holistic dentist holds the belief that even a tiny bit of mercury (which is a toxin) is too risky to our overall health.

Moreover, Integrative and Holistic dentists do not like the chemicals used in root canal procedures. They would recommend against doing a root canal unless absolutely necessary. The reason is that traditional dentist use highly toxic chemicals to clean the affected area of the tooth when performing a root canal. The chemicals they use for sterilization process are toxic and are known to cause cancer, among other things.

The Integrative dentist does not like taking the risk of using harmful chemicals - the end does not justify the means. First, Holistic dentists do not find that these chemicals do an effective job. Even with the harsh cleaning chemicals used in traditional dentistry, bacteria can still remain in the tooth's canal, leading to bigger problems down the road. Plus, the risk of using these chemicals are too high - these chemicals are known to cause cancer.

Additionally, Integrative dentists are not in favor of using fluoride. They are not in support of any form of topical or ingested fluoride. Fluoride, is a harsh chemical, a toxin, and it is known to cause all kinds of health problems. Again, to the holistic dentist, the risk of using fluoride outweighs the benefits.

“…Integrative dentists hold the belief that what goes into your mouth will affect your entire body…”

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Summary - We All Have a Choice

The major difference between Integrative dentistry and traditional dentistry is found in their philosophical approach. Integrative dentists treat the underlying issues that bring forth the “symptoms” in the mouth, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease without harsh chemicals or using material that is harmful to the body.

Essentially, Integrative dentists attempt to eliminate or treat the symptoms just like a traditional dentist, but the holistic dentist makes sure that their work does not have an adverse affect on their patient’s overall health.

What type of dentistry do you favor?

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