Oral Health Care, Naturally

In this article, we explore the meaning, purpose, and function of good oral health care as it pertains to our overall health. We provide facts, research and good news related to "oral health" as understood by the professionals behind the movement of Integrative and Holistic Dentistry.

Our hope is that an in-depth discussion will shine a bright light and reveal the benefits of the connection between our oral health and our general health. We will be exploring a few advancements in oral health care from professionals who are genuinely committed to improving our life experience. 

"...As we dive into the basics of the "Mouth-Body Connection," we also weave in some helpful DIY tips regarding oral health care, including a few recommendations for buying the best oral hygienic products..."

Specifically, in this article, we will share basic information about the prevention and treatment of tooth decay, cavities, Gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Additionally, we will be providing a few "do-it-yourself" oral health care tips. Last but not least, we will share recommendations on oral hygiene products designed to improve the health and well-being of your mouth, teeth, and gums.  

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When exploring the topic of "oral health care, " it's helpful to first, grasp the significant connection between our "oral health" and our total health in general. Dental experts make the claim that our mouth is the doorway to our body, and therefore coherent to the wellbeing of our total body. When we grasp this connection, the priority we place on oral health care should increase, which is a good thing. 

If you believe there is a significant linkage between a healthy mouth and a healthy body, then opposite is also true; an unhealthy mouth is a kinship to an unhealthy body. The point is that our "oral health" is extraordinarily important, and therefore our mouth requires a high level of personal attention and care. 

Image of mother and daughter brushing teeth together

Good Health & Wellness is Intertwined With Good Oral Health

Structurally and architecturally speaking, our oral cavity is the "foyer" of our body. Meaning, our mouth is the body's main entrance and leads to all other bodily structures and systems. Moreover, our oral cavity is the place where forays are launched against our body. A foray is a sudden attack by an outside intruder or enemy. In this case, the enemy attacks our health by first weakening our oral health.

Considering the structural position of our mouth in relationship to our body, it's no wonder holistic dental professionals consider our mouth to be strategic in the protection of our general health and wellness. Therefore, an argument can be made that a healthy mouth is our first line of defense in preventing a disease from attacking our body. 

Integrative and Holistic Dentistry and Oral Health Care

If a healthy mouth is our body's best natural protectant to disease, then oral health care should become more important to everyone, including medical and dental professionals. In the Integrative and Holistic Dentistry movement, proper oral health care is essential in their crusade to promoting our overall human wellness. 

Dentists behind this movement are committed to building awareness of the importance and benefits of good oral health. The good news is that their efforts to educate the masses is gaining momentum, and their hard work is beginning to pay off.

The holistic-minded dentists are concerned about the health of our mouth as well as our body. They also care about our wallets and pocket books. Theses unique dentists are concerned about the cost of oral health care, and they are committed to making it more affordable. The best way to lower the cost of dental care is to prevent disease in the first place. Their vision is to show everyone the affordable path to good health and wellness.

A Fresh Approach to Oral Health Care   

In the arena of Integrative and Holistic Dentistry, proper oral health care includes the daily practice of specific measures that include our diet, our lifestyle, and the purposeful care our entire mouth. These practices are protective and preventative measures known to not only improve the health of our teeth and mouth but also improve our body's overall wellness.

"... Good oral health care is anything that helps to achieve and maintain a wholesome mouth free from disease AND well-being in general..."

To the dentist dedicated to the practice and principles of Integrative and Holistic Dentistry, good oral health is thought to one of the most important factors that dictate the status of our overall health and well-being. 

These specially trained dental professionals hold the belief that our oral and general heath are tied together and the status of our oral health influences the status of our general health. Essentially, our oral health and overall general health do not function independently of one another other.

Furthermore, Integrative and Holistic Dentists hold to the principle that they are responsible for their patient's total health and well-being. This means they have dedicated themselves to teach their clients everything about good oral health with the intention to promote their health in holistically. The Integrative and Holistic Dentists treat the whole body.  

"...Good oral health starts with the proper care of our mouth. Good oral care includes our whole being, including our lifestyle choices, the foods we eat, as well as the measures we take to keep our teeth clean and free of disease..."

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The Natural Organic Movement is Lead by Educated Consumer Groups

When a consumer is referring to “natural” products, they may also be describing “organic” products. To the all natural consumer, the two terms, "natural" and "organic," are interchangeable and they mean the same thing. In the real world, or in the organic and natural product
world, the two terms are very different.

The important distinction between "natural" and "organic' is  “organic” refers to “foods, goods, and products manufactured without harmful chemical additives." "Natural" products refer to items that are not altered chemically or synthesized in any form. Sounds similar, but they are very different.

"...We believe that “educated” consumers are behind the all natural movement. Their wants and desires as consumers are clear... they want 'natural or organic products that are safe, chemical free, and not altered by man. They want authentic 'natural' and 'organic' products."

Natural and organic consumers have had a profound effect on food producers and consumer goods manufacturers. Their influence has grown, and their voice is now a part of the bigger conversation. Because of the strong advocacy coming from the folks behind the natural product movement, even retailers, and fast food restaurants have joined the natural movement. All of this is very good progress.

“…The movement to natural and organic is like a tidal wave, and this wave has only begun to grow…”

The Educated Consumer is in the Drivers Seat and Leading the Way

The natural product consumer has demanded a change, and the producers of products have heard their demand. Because of the natural product consumer, the market has shifted from producing “affordable and convenient” products to producing “safe and pure" products.

Today's health-conscious consumer is not only educated and informed, but they also leverage their positive influence with the producers and manufacturers. Businesses know that this movement can drive market trends, so the smart producers and manufacturers are listening to their message. This movement can make any natural or organic product popular overnight by simply posting a positive review in social media channels.

Toothpaste Entrepreneurs are Important Allies of the Natural Product Movement

The new formulations of natural toothpaste have moved the “natural” ingredient movement well beyond other markets and industries.

Entrepreneurs, like Dr. Jerry Curatola, have heard the demand for a chemical free toothpaste. Savvy business people like Dr. Curatolan are creating natural products that work (in this case whitens teeth, freshens breath, and fights cavities), and are 100% chemical free.

Revitin® toothpaste, with NuPath® Bioactives, contains a replenishing, patented formulation of natural ingredients. This gives Revitin® the exclusive, proprietary use of a restorative formula in its oral care products; which includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Cranberry Extract, and CoQ-10. 

For more information about Dr. Curatola's unique toothpaste formulation, click here

Today's Natural Toothpaste Consumer

With toothpaste, consumers today don’t care if the natural ingredients cause the toothpaste to look and feel funny. The reality is that toothpaste made with all natural ingredients does look and feel different. Many believe that Revitin® toothpaste actually tastes better and feels "cleaner" than traditional toothpaste brands. 

Natural toothpaste users have been ready to move beyond the chemically-laced commercial brand toothpaste for quite some time now. They were looking for natural toothpaste free of harsh chemicals, especially chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other serious ailments. Dr. Curatola and Revitin® rose up to meet their need for a safe and effective natural toothpaste.

The educated consumer is energized, and they won't back down until they see the removal of all chemicals. They want these chemicals removed from the products we use every day, starting with toothpaste. 

The all natural people don't care if the organic products cost more. They value the tradeoff, believing that "better health" is worth the extra cost to pay for natural toothpaste. And, today's health conscious, educated consumers are not just young people or Millennials. Young people, baby boomers, and middle-aged consumers make up a big part of the organic or natural movement.

“… The term “natural” is best defined as food or products without the assistance of man-made chemicals…”

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Daily Dose of Poisonous Chemicals is Taking a Toll

With all the information available regarding the harmful effects of artificial ingredients, the ingredients we add to our food and consumer goods, you'd think that the public would be in an uproar demanding someone be held accountable.  

The good news is that there are wise health-conscious consumers who are committed to educating the public. They sound the alarm, and their goal is to inform as many people as they can. Their message is, "YOU DON"T HAVE TO USE THE HARMFUL PRODUCTS, AND THERE ARE MANY ALTERNATIVES THAT ARE CHEMICAL FREE AND WORK BETTER." These consumers are on a mission, and they are not backing down. They have concluded, "NO MORE CHEMICALS!"

"...If we knew the exact actual amount of chemicals that we put into or on our bodies every day, it would literally scare us..."

Educated consumers are keenly aware that we are literally killing ourselves with the constant exposure and bombardment of harsh chemicals. And what do we get in return for the harmful chemicals? A little convenience? Longer shelf lives? Better texture? Is it worth it? The natural product consumer has determined that there is no trade-off, and eliminating all chemicals is the answer.

These educated consumers are behind the natural movement in a big way, and they view natural product manufacturers as the solution to the addiction we have with chemical additives.

Consumers have become painfully aware that our bodies are saturated with harmful and harsh chemicals, and this process of saturation started the day we were born. These chemicals are in everything that we consume on a daily basis.

It should be no surprise that Cancer rates have soared over the last few decades.  We are learning startling facts every day about our own stupidity, and people are beginning to wake up. For example, the shampoo and soap we use to clean our hair and body each morning are destroying our health. The same is true with the toothpaste we use, and the chemical fortified toothpaste we use is even worse.

"...Educated consumers are keenly aware that chemical additives are potentiall harmful, and for what? A little convenience? Longer shelf lives? These educated people are behind the natural movement..."

If more people were aware of how consumer products like toothpaste, shampoo, and soap are partially to blame for the development of super bugs (super bugs are bacteria resistant to antibiotics), we would put an immediate stop to the use of chemical additives. The creation of super-bacteria was unintentional, but it is extremely dangerous. So, before we go any further down this road, we have to consider the consequences. Do we want to give ourselves a daily dose of fluoride and other harsh chemicals just to clean our teeth? Is it worth destroying our health?

The Main Difference Between the "Natural Product" Movement and the "Organic Product" Movement

People looking to buy organic products are very demanding and don't monkey around. They don't want to be lied too, conned, and they don't want their concerns about chemicals to be dismissed.  Collectively, this savvy group of consumers is screaming in one big loud voice, “I demand my food and consumer products be free of chemicals, free of fertilizers, free of pesticides, and free of preservatives! And, I want the government to certify [guarantee] that "certified" products are legitimately "natural" or "organic!”  

"... Organic products" are products that are produced, manufactured, and handled using approved USDA “organic means” standards (rules and regs)..."

“Organic means” is a specific method or approach defined by the stringent standards set forth by government regulators (i.e., The United States Department of Agriculture). In the U.S, the USDA certifies organic growers and products. When producers are seeking "organic certification" with organic product labeling, they must first prove that their products and systems are authentically organic. The USDA can only award certifications to those that comply with the rigorous standards, rules, and regulations overseen by the USDA.

To receive the prized "organic" certification label, the manufacturer, producer, and the products themselves must follow scrupulous specified regulations. Only after complying with theses bonafide organic "means" can a producer or product don the authentic “organic label.”

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The Mission to End the Daily Dose of Chemical Poisoning

One would think that the thought of putting harmful chemicals in our mouth (via toothpaste) would open the minds of consumers to seeking safer alternatives. However, unless one is aware of the danger and damage of these chemicals, there is no good reason to find alternatives. Therefore, educating the public (especially consumers buying toothpaste for their family) is the predominate focus behind the natural movement. The movement's success will depend upon education.

"...We would hope that once people learn of the harmful aftermath of using chemicals in their toothpaste, they would choose safer alternative brands such as Revitin® natural toothpaste. The natural movement is all about educating the public and offering safe alternatives..."

Despite pressures from dental industry advocates, ninety-nine percent of European countries have rejected, banned, or stopped fluoridation due to environmental, health, legal or ethical concerns.  Here is a sampling of the countries that have banned or eliminated fluoridation of water and consumer products; China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Hungary, and Japan.

Intelligent people who have joined the natural movement have simply "come to their senses" by accepting the truth. The truth is that the data, facts, and science have declared fluoride and other such chemicals "harmful" to humans with little proof that they offer any positive effects.

Through their efforts to "educate" the public, the natural movement folks know that they have facts are on their side. They realized there are no valid studies that have determined the long-term effects of fluoride on the human organ systems. So, they are taking the facts to the folks, hoping to win more and more natural product converts.

Joe Public is waking up to the reality that fluoride and other chemicals have shown very little proof that they work (reducing tooth decay). At the same time, the facts are mounting that point to the reality that these chemicals cause cancer and human systemic diseases.

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Who Do You Trust?

We’ve grown up trusting dentists and toothpaste manufacturers. We believed they knew best, and they had our best interest in mind. They told us that we need Fluoride, Triclosan, and other chemicals added to our toothpaste to prevent cavities. Well, guess what, we've seemed to have lost the "war on cavities." Tooth decay has gotten worse since we started adding fluoride and other chemical ingredients.

"...If you listen to the experts who promote the use fluoride you'd think tooth decay would be conquered by now - but instead, it's worse now than ever before..."

There is some good news! Because of the dedicated people behind the all natural movement, many people have been awoken to the reality that chemicals in our toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss are loaded with toxic, poisonous additives - and they are killing us.

Because of the "all natural ingredient" movement, we are at least debating the merits, risks, and potential dangers of the use of additives such as fluoride and Triclosan. The debate is not over, not by a long shot. Too many people still stand to lose a great deal if the natural movement continues to build.

The supporters of the use of chemicals have a great deal at stake (most financial), and therefore they will fight to keep the status quo. However, the momentum has swung in favor of the facts and science, and at least some toothpaste manufacturers have read the writing on the wall and are making some major changes toward "natural ingredients." 

In Summary - The Natural Toothpaste Movement is Gaining Momentum

In the last twenty years the worldwide natural and organic products market, which includes but not limited to toothpaste, food, beauty, health, body care, household products, and fabrics grew at a record pace. The market has been breaking growth records year-after-year for decades. It's a phenomenon, and there is no end in sight.

The good news is that more and more countries worldwide are working hard to establish government-regulated certifications for producers and manufacturers of natural and organic products. There is a worldwide push for quality assurance, quality control, and quality transparency.

Asserting their voice, activists behind the natural and organic products movement have had a positive influence on the industry, especially when it involves high-profile decisions that would negatively impact the natural and organic movement. These natural product activists are dedicated to protecting the movement, making sure that the movement continues to grow and flourish.

"...The natural product movement is a cool movement to be a part of. It's very attractive, partly because of the movements foundational values and principles. Who wouldn't want to get involved and be a part of something so special?" 

In this worldwide natural organic movement, you'll find real smart people who are devoted to their cause. They have gained deep respect by all parties because they've used their voice wisely. The people behind the natural product movement have built strong coalitions, effective collaborative groups, and they've brought together a list of powerful allies. The natural and organic activist have a purpose, a plan, and a vision - they are making progress. 

"...The radical vertical growth trajectory of the natural and organic product world is fascinating and unparalleled. The social consequences of this movement are paying huge dividends as the entire world seems to be changing because of it.."

What About Natural Toothpaste?

The good news is that there is an ever-growing number of educated folks who have decided that we, as a society, should remove all chemicals from our consumer products, especially our toothpaste. There is a movement to ensure that "natural" products of every kind become available for those who want them. The folks behind the movement believe that products made with all natural ingredients can meet all of our needs, including our dental hygiene and oral health care needs.

This means that the folks in the natural movement are attempting to move us away from the popular commercial toothpaste brands. The natural activists working hard to replace the chemicals like fluoride and Triclosan, and replace them with natural ingredients.

Consumers want their toothpaste to whiten their teeth, freshen their breath, and prevent cavities. But they absolutely want these things without the fluoride and poisonous. More and more people have come to realize that scientific and medical research has proven fluoride and other additives are not worth the risks.

More and more folks every day are becoming aware of the detrimental long-term negative effects of chemical poisons added to our consumer goods. Enough is enough!

Moreover, recent studies on Triclosan have demonstrated that this horrible chemical screws up the human hormones, and might be the leading suspect in the rise of super bacteria. When consumers learn about the harmful ingredients, they are not happy. 

The good news is that consumers are finding more and safer alternative products, and these products actually get the job done without the chemicals.

Revitin® Natural Toothpaste Founder, Dr. Gerry Curatola

Revitin® founder, Dr. Gerry Curatola, is leading the way in the Natural Toothpaste Movement. Dr. Curatola, a world-renowned Integrative Dentist, clinical practitioner, and media personality is recognized as a top doctor in his field. Dr. Curatola has over 30 years of professional dentistry experience. He is the founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry®, and his success is based on a holistic approach to oral and overall health care.

Revitin® - Natural Toothpaste Nutrients

Revitin® toothpaste, with NuPath® Bioactives, contains a replenishing, patented formulation of natural ingredients. This gives Revitin® the exclusive, proprietary use of a restorative formula in its oral care products; which includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Cranberry Extract, and CoQ-10. 

Revitin® - Prebiotic Formulation

Revitin® toothpaste is the first and only prebiotic formulation that successfully balances the oral microbiome to its naturally healthy state. The oral microbiome is essential for our overall health and well-being. Revitin® toothpaste supports enamel strength, fresh breath, immune function, as well as digestion. 

Revitin® - Chemical Free Toothpaste

Conventional approaches to cleaning and disinfecting the mouth disrupt the good bacteria that we need to stay healthy. Revitin® supports a healthy microbiome and is the chemical free alternative that contains no fluoride, SLS, SLES, parabens, alcohol, artificial colors, dyes, and is safe to swallow!

To order your first tube of Revitin®, click here.

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