Better Belly and Revitin

A Better Belly Starts With A Better Mouth!

The oral microbiome is second in size only to that of the gut, and it plays a significant part in our overall health. New scientific studies spearheaded by NIH’s Human Microbiome Project, are just beginning to uncover the critical role bacteria play in our mouth and bodies. There are approximately 20 billion bacteria (700 strains) that have been found in the oral microbiome; we are certain that these bacteria when in undisturbed homeostasis, provide oxygen to the gums and calcium to the teeth.

According to the CDC, 47.3% of adults over the age of 30 suffer from some form of periodontal disease. This statistic is worrisome not only because gum disease affects so many of the population, but because gum disease is a precursor to serious health issues like heart disease. Numerous studies, according to the Mayo Clinic, have linked periodontal disease to a variety of systemic health issues.

Scientists have hypothesized that human beings evolved with the bacteria in our bodies and that they play a crucial role in all aspects of our health. Given that there is a symbiotic relationship between us and these micro-organisms, why then is much of healthcare industry, and more specifically the oral care sector, dominated by an antimicrobial approach? Why is the approach of every oral care product, other than Revitin®, to disinfect the mouth?

In oral care, the most obvious answer is that other products rely on old “detergent” science, and oral care companies with billions in sales, are constrained in their ability to evolve. Completely altering their philosophy would confuse consumers while simultaneously damaging the integrity of the company and sales of their core products. As our scientific understanding advances, so should our approach to oral health.

Revitin® is the world's first pro-microbial toothpaste; it was created in conjunction with the new science surrounding the oral microbiome. Revitin® was formulated to create a balanced oral environment by feeding the native bacteria in our mouths with Prebiotics, while also providing certain vitamins and minerals that have anti-inflammatory effects on the gum tissue (mucosa) and strengthening our teeth. The bacteria of the mouth are not harmful when in balance and fact, serve functions that benefit both our oral and overall health.

Try Revitin® today, and take a significant stride in your oral health and overall wellness. After all, a better belly begins with a better mouth.

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