FAQs About Revitin Natural Toothpaste

1Does Revitin replace my regular toothpaste?

Absolutely. In fact, when you see what dangers lurk in your regular toothpaste, get rid of it safely!

2How often should I brush with Revitin?

Just like you do with your current oral care … e.g. after eating.

3Is Revitin safe for my dog?

Absolutely. Historically, toothpastes that contain Xylitol have a history of harming animals. No Xylitol in Revitin!

4Does Revitin have an auto-ship program to replenish supplies and save on shipping?

Yes, click here to enroll.

5What’s the research behind Revitin?

Based on the Human Microbiome Project by the National Institute of Health whose findings demonstrate that the microbiome directly support our systemic physical health, our mental wellbeing, and that it ameliorates a wide range of specific diseases.

Most research has focused on the gut. Based on the 30-years research of Dr. Gerry Curatola, Revitin includes the oral microboim – the entrance and ingress to the digestive system through which everything passes.

6Will Revitin help keep my teeth white?

Yes. Clean and white. Without the use of chemical and hydrogen peroxide.

7Does Revitin fight plaque?

Revitin helps the beneficial bacteria eliminate or control the species that cause rough plaque. The beneficial bacteria support the teeth with a beneficial, viscous coating that protects them from invasive, cavity-causing species.

8Does Revitin help bleeding gums?

It does by supporting the non-inflammatory, probiotic species that should normally be in the mouth as well as provide key nutrients that help gum collagen integrity—Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Silica, and MSM.

9Does Revitin freshen breath?

Yes, indeed. Leave that project to your oral microbiome. The beneficial bacteria take care of the bacteria that release noxious gasses. Revitin supports your body’s innate, natural oral health processes.

10Does Revitin help with gingivitis?

Yes, by cultivating the beneficial bacteria that eliminate or control inflammation-causing species. Revitin supports you body’s normal, natural oral health processes.

11Does Revitin help with brittle, discolored teeth?

Yes, by directly supporting the bacteria that are part of the teeth’s ecosystem. Free of Stannous and Sodium Fluoride (chemicals added to fluoride toothpaste to make the teeth hard, can also make teeth more brittle.)

12Why doesn’t Revitin use Xylitol for flavoring?

Xylitol serves as an antibiotic to bacteria – it kills them. It does not support a beneficial bacteria terrain. It kills and alters the beneficial probiotic species. Further, much of the Xylitol on the market is not from birch, it’s from genetically-modified corn.

13Who is Dr. Gerry Curatola?

Dr. Gerry Curatola is an internationally recognized integrative and aesthetic dentist, media personality, researcher, author, oral health expert and wellness pioneer. In addition to serving as oral health expert on the Doctor Oz Show, Meredith Viera Show, Katie Couric, Martha Stewart, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS networks, Dr. Curatola is the host of the upcoming PBS Wellness Series, The Dr. Gerry Show, to begin airing in September 2016. Dr. Curatola serves as Clinical Associate Professor at New York University College of Dentistry, and he is the founder and director ofRejuvenation Dentistry, a unique integrative and wellness oriented dental practice based in New York City. Dr. Curatola is the author of The Mouth-Body Connection to be released in January 2017.