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Where to Buy The Best in Carmel, IN

Those of you who already buy natural toothpaste in Carmel, IN are savvy health-conscious consumers, and you know the value of the natural ingredients. For those people from Carmel, IN that have yet to buy natural toothpaste, the best place to start is to buy is online.

You can buy your next tube direct through a brand's website or through an all-natural product website offering the top brands. You can also visit your local health food store in Carmel, IN or an organic product store in Carmel, IN.

"...The top brands are sold in local drugstores, supermarkets, and other major retailers. But, keep in mind that you'll find the best deals and prices in Carmel, IN online..."

The best toothpaste is formulated with natural nutrients and ingredients and they are just as effective at cleaning and brightening teeth, freshening breath - all without the harsh chemicals found in the popular brands.

You can buy online easily and it's delivered to your doorstep in Carmel, IN in just a few days. To see places to buy natural paste, scroll to the bottom of the page or click here.

Buy Natural Toothpaste for a healthier mouth and body

Big Brands Approach to Oral Care is Harmful

Have you ever noticed the explicit warnings found on the tubes from popular brands? The warnings state, "artificial ingredients are not recommended for ingestion." If that does not shock you, the fact that their explicit warning also states, "not recommended for children under six," should do the trick!

If the ingredients are not recommended for children under six, how could it be safe for children aged 7, or 9, or even 53? The "not recommended for children under six" has confused just about everyone.

"...Revitin® Prebiotic Toothpaste was developed as an innovated product for health-conscious folks from Carmel, IN committed to using althernatives made with nutrients and natural ingredients..."

This is why dentists urgently recommend children are monitored during brushing until they know how to avoid swallowing. Swallowing toothpaste is dangerous! Why are the dangerous chemicals in toothpaste if they can't be ingested? Good question.

Big Brand Companies Have Been Misleading You

The name brand companies have spent years and billions of dollars convincing the public, “killing germs on contact” is the correct approach to good oral care.  Revitin® was created to be the alternative brand formulated with key nutrients that actually supports overall health & wellness.

So, what exactly are the ingredients in some of the top brands and why should they concern you?

While many folks today are very concerned about what they are putting into their bodies, they often do not realize the dangers that lurk inside a seemingly innocuous tube of paste.  So, what exactly are the ingredients found in the top brands, and why should they concern you?

The following ingredients are precisely why many holistic dentists are urging their patients to make the switch to natural brands:

  • Fluoride: A compound classified as a dangerous neurotoxin
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: The same detergent found in soap and shampoo
  • Triclosan: A leading active ingredient in most pastes that has been linked to cancer
  • Carrageenan: A thickening agent determined to be toxic
  • Artificial sweeteners: These have been linked to cancer 

One of the most touted ingredients in toothpaste is Fluoride. You have likely heard your dentist singing the praises of this compound as far back as you can remember; but do you know what it is?

If this ingredient is so safe, why did a research study in 1990 link it to cancer? Why has it also been linked to ADHD and thyroid disorders? Fluoride is a known neurotoxin which can cause damage to the nerve tissue and can impede healthy brain development in children.

Did you know when you brush your teeth there are detergents inside the paste that make it foam and bubble? These ingredients are the same as those found in your shampoo.

"...No one would not intentionally put soap in your mouth, but if you are using name brand paste you are putting soap in your mouth every day!"

The scary ingredients are causing parents to concerned about the health of their children, prompting them to make the wise decision to switch to natural alternatives for kids.

Best Natural Toothpaste for Toddlers, Kids, and Adults from Carmel, IN

When you pick up a tube of toothpaste fortified with nutrients you should not find detergents, thickeners, artificial sweeteners, and fluoride; instead, you should find natural ingredients that do not put your health in danger.

The best toothpaste contains ingredients such as:

    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • CoQ-10
    • Cranberry Extracts
    • Prebiotics

Revitin's Natural Ingredients

When you use a natural or organic toothpaste made with nutrients, you will no longer have to be concerned about accidental ingestion. Using an all-natural toothpaste takes the worry out of brushing and puts you back in charge of their oral health.

Parents who buy naturally fortified toothpaste for their kids do it because they want to provide the best for their oral health. Additionally, they want to protect their child from the risk associated with the toxins and poisons added to commercial brands. They should do the same for themselves!

Many individuals from Carmel, IN have discovered the new research available on the dangers of fluoride and other chemical additives found in brand-toothpaste. They've joined the Toothpaste Revolution, and this movement is growing fast.

Natural toothpaste does not contain any of the chemicals found in the most popular commercial brands. Individuals are now making a conscious effort to improve their health by using natural toothpaste. Why? because the mouth is a gateway to the body, therefore oral health significantly affects the body's overall health - think about it.

The Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth?

A Toothpaste Revolution for Your Whole BodyWhen folks from Carmel, IN look for the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth, they often choose Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste. Revitin offers superior ingredients that not only cleans and whitens your teeth but without all the toxins and harmful ingredients that cause unnecessary pain. Revitin is only brand that feature prebiotics.

Prebiotics keep the bad bacteria in the mouth in check while encouraging the growth of good bacteria for better oral and overall health. This means fewer cavities and decreased risk for gum disease.

Prebiotics are good bacteria that can protect the overall health of the body. Plus, this is one of the most important ingredients found in toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This is a natural-nutrient based ingredient you won't find in most commercial brands, but you will find it in Revitin.

The long-term benefits of using Revitin toothpaste include:

    • No more dangerous chemical additives
    • Improved oral health
    • No more painful sensitivity due to alcohol
    • Naturally whiter teeth

Going "natural" is vital for protecting the health of the teeth and gums without compromising the health of the overall body. Natural nutrients is changing lives, one brusher at a time.

Revitin Testimonial

"I started using Revitin to treat gingivitis, which I had on and off for years. Within a couple of weeks, the gingivitis was gone and stayed gone as long as I continued using Revitin. Eight years ago, after undergoing a stem cell transplant, I was in an isolation ward for almost 4 weeks. During that time, the poor fellow in the room next to mine suffered from terrible mouth sores, a common side effect of the procedure. I increased my use of the Revitin, which I believe prevented the appearance of the sores. Needless to say, my wife and daughter are also users and, of course, have very healthy mouths." Arnold L

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Local Organic Health Business in Carmel, IN

Good Earth: Since 1971, the Good Earth Natural Food Company has offered the best natural products at the lowest prices. They are a family owned and operated business offering a distinctive and broad selection of natural and organic foods, supplements, beauty products, and apparel. Their staff offers insight and service gained from more than 175 years of professional experience, collectively, in the natural food industry.

New Science Makes Revitin a Leader in Oral Health

Revitin® is a non fluoride toothpaste that's also SLS free, and safe enough to eat; providing whiter teeth, stronger enamel, and lasting fresh breath. Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste is a sls free toothpaste, and neither will you find sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), antibacterial ingredients, parabens, synthetic colors, or alcohol. Revitin is a chemical free, detergent free, and antibacterial free organic toothpaste. Learn more about Revitin Oral Therapy and how it can dramatically improve and restore a healthy oral environment for a healthier Carmel, IN! Order Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste today! Or call (929) 244-9767 for more information.

A revolution has started in oral health care, a revolution that's moving away from the old view that "killing germs" with detergent-based chemical oral health products is healthy. With our prebiotic toothpaste, Revitin® is leading a "sea of change" with new Oral Microbiome science that nourishes and supports the useful, natural ecology of the mouth. This powerful new approach is a "game changer" in the $32 billion global oral health industry. Our customers experience a powerful sense of consistent cleanliness. Because Revitin is a toothpaste without fluoride, they can't imagine putting unnatural, detergent-based pastes in their mouths ever again.

Revitin® is the world’s first prebiotic toothpaste that is natural, safe enough to eat, environmentally friendly, and provides more of the benefits you need; such as, whiter teeth, stronger enamel, better protection against inflammation, and long-lasting fresh breath. Based on the idea that your mouth is an extension of your digestive system, Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste works to support a healthy microbiome without the use of unnatural ingredients. The patented formulation of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals cleans your teeth and encourages the growth of favorable flora; which supports your immune function and promotes better digestion. Give yourself a healthier clean!

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